About Hospital

'KOPARGAON’ a famous town of Ahmadagar district. Maharashtra is well known for sugarcane farming and saying ‘sujalam sufalam’ taluka, but at present its all slow down due to shortage of water. People here are again facing slow deprevation of market and sugarcane factories. Now kopargaon beholds only the identity of ' The place near SHIRDI(12km)'. After facing all these situations kopargaon is still well-known in our state as well as in other states for known “Ayurvedic treatment” at “DHVANTARI AYURVEDIC PANCHAKARMA SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL AND INFERTILITY CENTER, KOPARGAON”. Run by DR.SHRI. RAMDAS M.AVHAD. This hospital is well furnished interiorly as well as exteriorly of well equipped modernized panchakarma equipments, experienced therapist and overall to that vast experience of DR.RAMDAS AVHAD, who assures the good health of all patients. 

In a small town like KOPARGAON, patient’s crowd is alot much for taking ayurvedic treatment under DR.AVHAD, like any other modern allopathic hospital will be and this thing is pride for Ayurveda as an Ayurvedic Physician. DHANVANTARI hospital run by DR.AVHAD is specialized in acute and chronic diseases as INFERTILITY, RESPIRATORY DISORDERS, PARALYSIS, SKIN, HAIR PROBLEMS, PSYCOSOMATIC DISORDERS.
Since 27 years DR.RAMDAS AVHAD is running an Ayurvedic hospital in KOPARGAON very sincerely and regularly. Due to his sincere dedication to Ayurveda and treating the patients, he has got many state level awards as well as National level awards. The speciality of this Ayurveda hospital is that the patient presented with any type of disease is treated in a short interval of time period very confidently. This hospital have privacy for male and female with male and female ward. Deluxe rooms are well equipped. There is peaceful calm surrounding with a positive healing energy for the IPD patients who are admitted over here for treatment and within a short period of 5 days patients are able to stand without support and this thing is a miracle for other patients who have observed it all. 
the patients suffering from psychiatric problems got well treated by ayurveda within a short period like few weeks or a month and responded well to ayurvedic treatment who was under antipsychotic treatment for many days. After undergoing Ayurvedic treatment the psychiatric patient's behavior comes to almost normal or irritability gets reduce and responds well to the society or behave like a normal person in a society.
In emergency condition like acute abdominal pain, renal calculi, gastritis, jaundice, is also managed by AYURVEDA completely as compare to other medicinal science. the conditions like cickun gunya [Chicken Pox] , malaria, typhoid, pyrexia of unknown origin is also best managed by simple procedures of Ayurveda and medicines. As we are getting best results in emergency conditions by Ayurveda , the blind belief in people's mind should be removed that ; 'there is a slow progress by Ayurvedic medicines in each and every condition'.
The trainny doctors who come from various states get trained under DR.AVHAD from whom doctors gain self confidence and be proud about Ayurveda that is to learn Ayurveda and practice of Ayurveda. To get trained under DR AVHAD there is a special booking for which the trainy should wait for more than two years as they get inspiration and guidance about Ayurveda given by DR.AVHAD. The interior of SHIRODHARA ROOM is such a beautiful that everyone who sees it thinks about getting an experience of SHIRODHARA. The pleasant Environment of the hospital is loved and appreciated by patients.
In DHANVANTARI Ayurveda hospital there is a special consultancy for beauty cautious by DR.ANJALI AVHAD who is well known for AROMA THERAPY, for such consultancy prior appointment is needed.
DR.RAMDAS AVHAD started his ayurvedic practice since 1988 in a small town like kopargaon with his self confidence, he dared to practice in a small town first but now as per patient's deman he is practising in Nashik too. Now he is in such position that a small plant has grown up taller with strong deep root of Ayurveda in kopargaon. We usually see that patients going from rural area to a city for their better treatment but DR. RAMDAS AVHAD practice is such that patients from various cities get attracted toward a small town like KOPARGAON. Due to some incovieniency for patients from nashik, mumbai and other states to come to Kopargaon DR.AVHAD started his own new branch in Nasik from 25th oct 2015. He visits Nasik branch every alternate Saturday,Sunday. And rest of the days in Kopargaon. And thurday's as always dedicated to Shri Sai Seva In Shirdi. 
Apart from his private practice in kopargaon and Nasik DR.AVHAD is giving his valuable social service in “SHIRDI SAINATH HOSPITAL” by free medical checkup on every Thursday. More than two hundred patients awaits from morning 5 am for medical checkup by DR.AVHAD.